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  1. Keeping a Pig as a Pet in Your Home

    A pig inside the home? Such an idea could be revolting for many people, but there are quite a few people who appreciate the personality and intelligence of pigs, and would not mind having one at home as a pet. Pigs can make outstanding pets provided you have the right expectations and you know how to train and take care of them.
    Tremendous Pets

    Some people who have tried to keep pigs as pets have found that they are quite demanding animals and their requirements became overwhelming....
  2. Common Diseases in Pigs

    Pigs are susceptible to infections, and diseases can mean huge losses, when you are keeping small or big herds. Here is a list of common pig diseases and health conditions, and the ways you can improve chances of your pig survival by paying attention to the symptoms and providing the required medical attention.

    Pigs can be infected with roundworms and tapeworms. Roundworms thrive in the pig's gut, whereas tapeworms live in the pig's muscles. Roundworms can damage the liver and lungs...