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  1. China's Pig Problem

    Imagine yourself talking a stroll up to the river only to find the water is murky black, with rotting pig carcasses floating at your feet. According to eye witness accounts, mutilated pigs have been spotted with their organs exposed, and dead piglets were a common sight. This is daily life for some villagers in certain Chinese provinces.

    If you've been following international news for the past year, you already know about the thousands upon thousands of rotting pigs that have been floating...
  2. Round Up Your Hog!

    If you live in a wide open landscape, spotting pigs should not be hard, since they prefer to be in open areas. If you notice your pig is gone and cannot see it, simply keep your ears open for any pig noises in the vicinity, and scan open areas. A runaway pig won't be hard to find. If the pigs lives in an enclosed area, you can use treats to lure the animal back to its pen. Use treats or food that the pig will love and set up a small trail for it to follow back into its living area.

  3. Help Your Pig Live a Clean Lifestyle

    In Islamic belief, the pig is considered unclean because it is perceived that the animal will eat anything, which is why Muslims are forbidden to eat pig products of any kind. The same can be said in the Jewish community, where the pig is not considered kosher. In some countries, villagers will set up outside rest areas where pigs will eat any defecated matter below. Across the world, pigs have been perceived as dirty animals, but it is only because of domestic farming that pigs have gained...
  4. Maintaining Drinkers

    Recently one of our members found a drinker online and was asking who manufactured it. Having waterers or drinkers on your property is a great way to minimize the time you spend refilling and knowing where you can get your spare parts is a must!
    Where did you get your drinker? Do you have spare parts? Follow this link to see what others are using, and to add your watering system!
  5. Pigs you Raise

    How did you get started raising pigs? How did you decide which breed to go with? Many members join us looking for answers to these very questions, and with your help we will get them answered.
    This thread covers the basics, what breed you are raising now, which breed you started with, and which breeds you will be moving onto in the future.

    Stop by and add your two cents!
  6. Weight of Side After Processing

    As many of us look for alternatives to the standard super market, we are seeing questions directed at us by incoming pig buyers, looking to buy processed pigs.
    Buying a processed pig is a great way to reduce your grocery bill, but do you have the space for it? After processing, the side can come in at over 800 lbs of meat. That's a lot of meat for most of our fridges and freezers, so come by our discussion to see if this option is right for you....
  7. Pot Belly Pigs for a Small Country Place

    PinnkPiggy, one of our newer members, recently joined up to ask some questions about keeping a pot bellied pig on a small tract of country land.
    Has the fad passed? Are Pot Bellied pigs good for food? Come to this thread to find out more on what the pig experts think when bringing a pot bellied pig home to your small country estate.