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  1. American Landrace

    Photo from Bib

    In previous articles, I highlighted some rare pig breeds, but the American Landrace is one of the more common breeds you\'ll find in the United States. It is a breed commonly used for bacon production, but they produce a fair share of milk for their litters, and they can reproduce efficiently. Studies have shown that the height of their milk production begins at around 5 weeks of lactation.

    History of the Breed

    It comes from Danish Landrace, going all the way back to...
  2. Ancient Egyptian Pigs

    Have you ever thought of the pig as a symbol of good luck? The ancient Egyptians once thought so, and their body parts were thought to have healed major ailments.

    In my previous article about pigs in Egypt, I highlighted the plight of Coptic Christians who use pigs to clean up Egypt's mounting garbage. But let's rewind all the way back to ancient Egypt.

    Hog Worship

    The pig has always held a prominent role in Egyptian history before Christians and Arabs came to coexist in this ancient...
  3. Berkshire Pigs

    Photo from Bark

    This is another rare pig that came from England, being listed as a vulnerable breed in 2008, with fewer than 300 sows in existence in previous years. It is a breed you can find in the United States, since they were first imported in the country in 1823. The actual history of this pig goes back over 350 years in England. Oliver Cromwell made mention of them because of their fine tasting pork and ham. It was a popular breed through the end of World War Two, known as a lard...
  4. Coccidiosis in Piglets

    Coccidiosis is a parasitic infection that can multiply in the intestinal tract of animals. It is a disease that affects a wide range of animals, including humans, but especially young piglets. It mostly spreads by feces and contact with infected animals. Piglets that are up to 15 weeks of age are the most vulnerable. Although death from coccidiosis is avoidable, piglets can perish from this outbreak if not given proper medical treatment.


    Even though coccidiosis is deadlier for...
  5. Diet Tips For Your Pet Pig

    Photo from Millbry Hill

    The following is a general guideline of some positive feeding tips for your pet. Pet owners have a vareity of others of ways of keeping thier pet pigs helahty, but here are some extra tips to point you in the right direction.

    Pet Pig Feed

    In many pet stores, you're just not going to find pet pig feed for your swine companion, since they are still considered farm animals in many areas of the country. However, there are certain supply stores and websites that sell...
  6. Duroc Pigs

    The Duroc pig can look intimidating on the surface, but never judge a book by its cover. However, this is definitely not a house pig to have around the house.

    Even though these pigs are considered a popular commercial breed by meat producers, they still make great show pigs. And, since this pig is one of the gentlest pigs out there, it is an excellent choice if you want to breed stout, muscular pigs. Historically, this pig has been a top choice for breeders and hog farmers. And it is a...
  7. Garbage Eaters of Egypt

    In the western world, we tend to take garbage collection for granted, but many communities throughout the world have found innovative ways of reducing and recycling refuse.

    Take Egypt, for instance, a country that uses pigs to reduce excess waste from city to city.

    But there's more to this story than meets the eye as Egypt struggles with political and ethnic tensions.

    Since 2011, mountains of garbage have accumulated due to ongoing protests and lacking public services. Pigs have...
  8. Great Pets if You Can Find Them: Middle White Pigs

    Middle Whites were considered the pork of choice during the early 1900s, but they entered into rare status towards the late 20th century. The breed was first developed in 1852 by Joseph Tulley, a weaver from the Yorkshire area of England. At the time, these pigs were popular attractions at fairs. There were only Small White and Large White classifications, but Tulley developed the Middle White that did not specifically meet qualifications. But the breed was eventually introduced throughout...
  9. Healthy Ingredients for Your Pig

    In my last article, I touched upon some nutritious feed ingredients pigs need to stay healthy. Farm animal feed comprises a large portion of our national corn supply, but certain types are not always good for your pig. For pigs 100 pounds and over, they need feed that is 80 percent carbs and roughly 20 percent protein. Meats can also be an essential part of the diet, since pigs are omnivores. And you must also keep vitamins and nutrients in mind.

    Pigs need the same nutrients as humans....
  10. Help Your Piggie Slim Down

    In popular culture, we tend to see images of overindulgent pigs helping themselves to whatever humans will give them, but in reality, this is not an entirely healthy depiction of pigs. Pigs love to eat, and will eat just about anything, but too much food can lead to health problems. If you find that your pig has gained some excessive weight, there is no need to panic. Instead, you\'ll have to place your piggy on a small diet. The type of diet plan you give your pig all depends on the breed,...
  11. Hogs in Britain (Part One)

    Is Britain doing the right thing by exporting its pigs to China? A new hog-based trade agreement with China may not be an ideal business venture for England, but it will prove to be a lucrative source of income.

    Britain is a country teetering on the brink of financial decay, so the country is looking for new and innovative ways of bringing in revenue. And it appears pigs will become a new avenue of income. In a $73.6 million trade agreement, Britain will export pig semen to China to improve...
  12. Hogs in Britain (Part Three): Teacup Pigs

    In my previous article about hogs in Britain, I discussed the commercial value in exporting prime pigs to China, along with using them to address Britain's food waste problem. But there is another facet of British society where hogs are finding themselves in the spotlight again. More British residents are seeing teacup hogs as lovable pets.

    On the surface, this may sound wonderful for the pigs, but not necessarily. As with any other fad pet craze, the end result is usually hundreds of...
  13. Hogs in Britain (Part Two): Recycled Pig Feed

    In my previous article about hogs in Britain, I ended with a bit about overconsumption in Britain, and how instrumental hogs could be in reducing waste. It sounds like a good idea on the surface, but there are some obstacles and ethical questions.

    The pig is finding itself in a more prominent role in cash-strapped Britain, where many are looking to cut costs and make money. And various groups have a different roles for pigs in British society.

    One of them is to use food from retail and...
  14. How Dangerous Are Pigs?

    There's no doubt that feral pigs pose a danger to humans, but how about your average, domesticated pig?

    You won't find many articles on domestic pigs that went on rampages, but there has been a recent case where a wild 600 pound pig injured a woman while feeding livestock on her property in England. A pig is just like any other animal, and will lash out if feeling cornered or mistreated. In general, domestic pigs are not dangerous, but they can bite, since they are natural foragers. And...
  15. Is Your Pig Ready For The Stage? (Part One)

    Think your pig has what it takes to make it in the show world? Training any animal for show purposes can be controversial because of the stress involved when it comes to the show and training, but it doesn't have to be, if the training is fun for the animal. Reward the animal with treats, and spend intimate time with them by touching and rubbing their bellies. You want your pig to be as comfortable as possible.

    Whether your training a dog, pig or goat, training sessions should always be an...