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  1. Is Your Pig Ready For the Stage? (Part Two)

    In part two of this article, I\'m going to discuss ways of training your pig to do certain tricks for the show circuit, but teaching them is more than simply impressing attendees and judges. Not only will you get plenty of attention with your well-disciplined pig, but you\'ll also have a chance to bond and properly train your pig for off-stage life. There are hurdles when it comes to training pigs, since they have short attention spans, but they are smart, they remember things, and you can...
  2. Large Black Hogs

    From Large Black Hogs

    The Large Black, otherwise known as Cornwall Black or Devon, are pigs that originate from Britain, and became useful for extensive farming because of their natural foraging instincts. They are not well-suited for intensive farming, which is why their numbers declined post-World War Two, as more farmers turned to intensive techniques. Because of this shift in farming methods, the breed of this pig almost became extinct in the 1960s, but their numbers have been slowly...
  3. New Virus Affecting Piglets

    There tends to be overreaction from media and government officials upon word of a swine-related disease spreading rapidly. The swine flu panic that took place in 2009 was supposed to be the virus that would spread uncontrollably around the world, but this proved to be a false alarm. There have been numerous cases of pig viruses, but very of them posed a real threat to the public.

    And even though the pig diseases hasn't harmed humans on a major level, these types of diseases are still...
  4. Pig Grooming Tips

    We tend to think of pigs as creatures that wallow in dirt and mess, but pigs require proper care and maintenance as any other pet would. However, pigs require less upkeep, since they are fairly capable of looking after themselves, and you don\'t have to deal with heavy fur. If you\'re thinking of getting a pet pig for your home, caring for them is easier than you may think.


    The skins of pigs are naturally clean, and do not need to be washed on a frequent basis. Only bathe your pig...
  5. Pig Not Eating?

    Pigs are hefty eaters by nature, so when they stop eating suddenly, this is cause for concern. There are a variety of reasons why a pig has stopped eating, and the matter should be addressed immediately, since it could be symptomatic of a larger problem. The root of the problem could range from mild to deadly serious.


    This is a common problem in older pigs, and you\'ll have to examine their bathroom habits. If you notice the pig is straining to go, or if the little fecal...
  6. Pig Profile: Babirusa

    Feral pigs have been in the news as of late because of their growing presence around the country. But have you ever wondered about other feral pigs around the world? Babirusas are not considered nuisance pigs, and they are now a protected species.

    I've always been fascinated by this pig since I did research on them over seven years ago. They are especially interesting because of their tusk curvature and sharp, lower teeth.

    These pigs are native to the Togian islands of Indonesia: Sula,...
  7. Pig Profile: Entelodonts

    The above picture is that of a warthog, considered one of the fiercest pigs on the planet, but the entelodont was THE fiercest pig within the animal kingdom.

    We normally think of pigs has docile creatures to be consumed on a commercial basis, but it was a much different story millions of years ago.

    Check out a photo of the entelodont here.

    Entelodonts lived roughly 18 million years ago from the middle of the Eocene to the early Miocene epochs. They lived for 21 million years throughout...
  8. Pig Profile: Vietnamese Pot-Bellied Pig

    n today's society, we most often see pigs as our next meal, which is a shame when considering their personalities and lovable nature. Get an idea of their playful demeanor in this video:

    They are lovable creatures, but due to the pig's popularity as a house pet, more people abandoned these hogs when they grew larger than expected. There are a number of efforts around the world to find them homes, such as the California Potbellied Pig Association...
  9. Pig Profile: Warthogs

    In one of my other pig profile articles, I highlighted the babirusa of Southeast Asia, a wild pig with an intimidating appearance, but there\'s another tough pig that is worth discussing. The warthog is a form of pig commonly found in grasslands and plains area of Sub-Saharan Africa, and the pig gets its name from the warts on its face, which comprises of fat pockets for defense and fighting. This is the only form of pig that has adapted to grazing. It is an omnivorous pig that will feed on...
  10. Thinking of Getting a Pig? (Part One)

    It's a shame society mostly views the pig as nothing more than a slab of meat on a plate, because pigs are intelligent animals that are curious, friendly and playful. Pig have personalities, just like dogs and cats, and they can be a wonderful addition to your home or land. There are different reasons why owners keep pet pigs, such as breeding, or to have one as a companion in the home. If you're thinking about pig ownership for the home, consider a smaller pet breed like a pot-bellied, mini...
  11. Thinking of Getting a Pig? (Part Two: Tricks)

    Training a pig can be rewarding and fun, but you may be mystified over what types of tricks a pig can learn. Pigs are smart animals that can learn a wide range of tricks, but it all depends on the personality of the animal. There are basic tricks that any pet should learn, but there also things pigs can learn that may shock you.

    Potty Training

    Pigs can learn to relieve themselves indoors like cats. This trick mostly apply to pot-bellies or miniature pigs. Young pigs don't have full control...
  12. Top Seven Pig Foods For Your Pig

    As stated in previous articles, pigs are not living garbage disposals that can eat anything, but they can eat most things. Pigs are omnivores, able to eat plants and meat sources, and they are hefty eaters with voracious appetites. But there are some foods they need in their diets. Whether you're raising commercial or pet pigs, here are some things that are healthy foods for your pig.

    This will be in your grain category. Corn is the most typical of foods you're going to find in a pig...
  13. Trimming Pig Feet

    Pig\'s feet are like any other animal\'s foot. If a hog does not get a set amount of walking and exercise, their feet can grow long and become uncomfortable for them. If you have a pot-bellied pig, it will become necessary to trim their hooves down, but it is an easy process.

    To give you an idea of what you\'ll be cutting, a pig\'s foot consists of two toes with two dewclaws. Each of these toes are encased with a hard nail, with blood vessels in each hoof.
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  14. Yorkshire Pigs

    Image from Conover Show Pigs

    If you\'re looking for a common pig with good breeding capabilities, then look no further than the English Large White, or Yorkshire pig. This is a great hog for breeders looking to foster more piglets and to add a sturdy bloodline to your herd. It is a good pig to have for intensive farming.

    This is one of the most common pigs you\'ll find in North America. The Yorkshire pig has an extensive history dating way back to Yorkshire, England, but was first brought...