Diet Tips For Your Pet Pig

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    The following is a general guideline of some positive feeding tips for your pet. Pet owners have a vareity of others of ways of keeping thier pet pigs helahty, but here are some extra tips to point you in the right direction.

    Pet Pig Feed

    In many pet stores, you're just not going to find pet pig feed for your swine companion, since they are still considered farm animals in many areas of the country. However, there are certain supply stores and websites that sell pet pig food in the same way as packaged dog food. This will save you the trouble buying larger sacks of pig feed, or making it yourself, and it will be a great thing to have for miniature pet pigs.

    Other pet pig breeds like the pot-bellies can be susceptible to excessive weight gain if fed with normal feed without regular exercise, but packaged pig food helps in lowering fat content for weight control. The amount you give the pig will depend on how much you want to control its weight, the age and breed. Pigs are like dogs, in a sense, and don't always known when they are hungry. They will also eat because they enjoy doing so, and require limitations in how much they are fed. An overweight pig can lead to joint problems and other health complications. Be careful when following the instructions on pet pig feed, since the job of the company is to overfeed the pig so you can buy more of their product. If unsure how much to feed your pig, ask a vet, but be aware that not all vets will treat pigs.

    When feeding your pig, some things to keep in mind are the level of physical activity, the pig's body type and the metabolic rate. It is important to give your pet pig daily exercise to avoid weight gain. Always portion out the feed given to them, and avoid feeds that promote maximum growth, or you could end up with a very large and unhealthy pig.

    Other Types of Food

    Fruits and veggies can also be given, but not too much, since it can also cause your pig to gain excess weight. If we're talking about mini pigs for instance, you can allow them to root and graze on land rich in selenium. Selenium deficiencies can be common in these types of pigs. If there is no room for land grazing, you can also give them supplements.

    What Not to Feed Them...

    Other types of food for your pet pig to avoid are salt, sugars, meats, milk, along with any canned or processed goods. Other forms of domestic pigs will eat meats, salted good, etc., but you want to ensure maximum health for your pet pig to avoid health complications later in life. Grains, fruits, veggies are the prime diet categories that will your pig will feed from.

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