Easy Garden Tilling with Pigs

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    Getting a garden ready to grow can be tedious work. As you maneuver your tiller about, sweat dripping from your brow, chances are you are dreaming the entire time of a better, easier way. The good news is that an easier way does exist: pigs! The natural habits and behaviors of pigs can be very much to your benefit; all you have to do is use them correctly. By giving pigs a job they are meant to do by design, success is bound to be yours. One such example is tilling a garden. Why put your energy into doing what pigs will do for you, eagerly and readily?


    Pigs love to root through soil in search of delicious snacks. Letting them do so will add to their happiness and well-being as well as lightening your workload at the same time. All you have to do is fence them into an area you want tilled and watch the magic happen. In a short period of time, your pigs will have taken a weed-ridden, grassy section of land and turned it into a garden-to-be.

    If tilling in preparation for a new garden is not what you need but instead have an old garden in need of a cleanup job, pigs can do the work for you once again. After the harvest is complete, any culled vegetables that may remain along with weeds that have sprouted can all be eradicated by some well-intentioned pigs. In the process, pigs will also leave behind fertilizer as they work! Again, fence them into the area you need taken care of and let them do what comes natural. If you have an uneven patch of land in need of leveling, they can help with that as well, rooting and turning soil to allow it to re-settle in a more even distribution pattern.


    To embrace pigs as garden allies, you do need to make plans to properly contain them to their designated work area. If allowed to roam, they will likely root through more areas than intended or the wrong ones entirely. Because of this, your fence will need to be 'hog tight.' To prevent pigs from escaping or relocating themselves against your wishes, electrically charged hot wire can be used as can sturdy wire mesh panels. Keep in mind that rooting pigs can root right under unstable fencing, so pay particular attention to securing the bottom of your fence. Whichever method you choose, be sure to introduce your pigs to it (especially in the case of hot wire) so they will be aware of their boundaries. Also don't forget to provide shelter and water while your pigs are in their temporary garden home. Depending on the amount of forage/vegetables in the garden area, it may or may not be necessary to supplement with normal feed.


    Be sure to keep watch on your pigs, checking in periodically as they do their garden work. Although escaping can sometimes seem to be a joyful event for a pig, avoiding it is best. It may be funny the first time you have to coax escapees back to where they belong but that sort of thing will get old pretty fast. Remember as well that the hog tight fence around your garden that you used to keep pigs in can in time double in purpose by being able to keep things out, such as other animals that might wish to feed on your vegetables.


    Using pigs as tillers is a win-win situation. You get your garden cleaned up and prepped without having to do the labor yourself and your pigs get a special treat. Fewer weeds will plague you at your next planting due to consumption or trampling by pigs and soil will be fertilized with their manure. Time, money, and labor saved at the hooves of your hogs: it doesn't get much better than that!

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