Great Pets if You Can Find Them: Middle White Pigs

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    Middle Whites were considered the pork of choice during the early 1900s, but they entered into rare status towards the late 20th century. The breed was first developed in 1852 by Joseph Tulley, a weaver from the Yorkshire area of England. At the time, these pigs were popular attractions at fairs. There were only Small White and Large White classifications, but Tulley developed the Middle White that did not specifically meet qualifications. But the breed was eventually introduced throughout fair circuits, and this type of pig has become popular ever since. The Small White pig eventually became extinct in 1912.

    Middle White pigs were prime choice for butchers between the World War I & II, particularly in London, but they fell out favor as the commercial pork industry become more pronounced into the mid twentieth century. This type of pig is popular as a delicacy in Japan to such an extent that a statue of the Middle White was erected in their honor. The Middle White was first exported to Japan in the 1930s, and it was the only form of pork the Emperor would eat at time.

    Even though this pig is still a popular pork delicacy, many also keep them as pets.

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    Do they make good pets?

    Because this is a breed no longer used in the commercial sector, their taste is not familiar to many households across the world. Not every pig breeder has them, but those who specialize in breeding rare hogs types may carry them. This type of pig is so rare there are more giant pandas on earth than Middle Whites!

    They are distinctly known for their short, upturned nostrils. They derive their short snouts from the Small White pig, which was also bred with Siamese and Chinese pigs. Some owners of the breed refer to them as vampire pigs because of its snout and prickly ears that resemble a vampire bat. The short nostril are perfect for forging instead of rooting, and they are not a high-maintenance breed to have around the house. Because of their extra light skin, they are susceptible to sunburn, so sunscreen may be best, or a mud area. This is a great breed to have for novice owners, because they are easy to handle and manage.

    Middle White Management

    They only need the minimal housing or fencing to make them at home, but they need to be in warm weather to remain happy. Because of their short snouts, they will not damage fencing or yards, and they are docile in personality. Since they are grazers, most of their diet comes from grass, but when it comes to the cold, they will need supplemental feed. Because they are a cross between Large and Small Whites, they are a compact breed that will make an excellent choice for those with smaller yards, or for those who want to keep them indoors.

    As mothers, they are very nurturing and protect, with sows producing roughly 8.15 litters.

    These are pigs that are mostly found in England, and there is no real demand to export them abroad. But if you able to get hold of them, they will certainly be one of the more unique pigs to have around.

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