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    In popular culture, we tend to see images of overindulgent pigs helping themselves to whatever humans will give them, but in reality, this is not an entirely healthy depiction of pigs. Pigs love to eat, and will eat just about anything, but too much food can lead to health problems. If you find that your pig has gained some excessive weight, there is no need to panic. Instead, you\'ll have to place your piggy on a small diet. The type of diet plan you give your pig all depends on the breed, gender, and whether or not it is an indoor or outdoor pig.

    Checking Food

    Keep track of what you feed your pig, and keep a log if necessary. If you don\'t feed your pig anything high in fat, look for fruits or vegetable with high sugar levels, such as peas, carrots or corn. Also, look at any nutritional information for pig feed or pellets you may feed them. And switch to a brand that\'s lower in fat and sugar. Pig alfalfa is a good alternative to consider.


    Portioning out pig food is a good way to keep the weight down, but you\'ll have to be careful in the types of foods you limit, so as not to lower the amount of nutrition they need. Lower foods that are high in and sugar, and this applies to any fruits or veggies as well. Mixing in some diverse veggies is a good way to find out what your pig likes. Also, keep a log of what your pig eats to see if it is a plan you should stick with.


    Exercise is going to be the most important factor. If you have a pet pig like a pot-belly or mini pig, have them frequent your backyard, or take them on walks. There are a number of harness leashes that will accommodate pigs of all sizes. Also, you can add some stimulation to your pig by placing some treats in a ball with holes in it. This encourages your pig to move about, and they will get a healthy treat in the process.

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    You can also spend time with your pig by teaching tricks like standing or jumping. It is a good way of fostering physical activity, and it is important to bond with your pet.

    For backyard pigs, you can open up the gate and have them walk around, if you\'re dealing with a wide range of acreage. Simply walk them around a field, or up and down the road. It is not only good for your pig, but it will give you the necessary exercise and well, and you\'ll have higher chance of meeting more of your neighbors, since it\'s not every day they see a pig being walked around like a dog.

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