Is Your Pig Ready For the Stage? (Part Two)

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    In part two of this article, I\'m going to discuss ways of training your pig to do certain tricks for the show circuit, but teaching them is more than simply impressing attendees and judges. Not only will you get plenty of attention with your well-disciplined pig, but you\'ll also have a chance to bond and properly train your pig for off-stage life. There are hurdles when it comes to training pigs, since they have short attention spans, but they are smart, they remember things, and you can be train in the same way as a dog. But there are a few distinctions to keep in mind when training a pig. There are different kinds of pig shows, so let\'s say you want to train your indoor pet pig a few neat tricks for the show.


    The most important thing to keep in mind is bonding. The pig must be able to trust and look up to you for guidance, very much in the same way as dog training. Just like dogs, pigs need to look up to their masters, and they will want to please you by obeying your orders. Regardless of the show antics, this should be a time where you and the pig develop a closer bond.

    Attention Span

    You may want to keep training sessions short, since pigs don\'t have the most long-lasting attention spans. Since pigs have the capacity to remember things, you don\'t want them to associate training with a long and boring marathon. This only discourages them from learning new tricks, and it only leads to frustration on both sides. Training can last anywhere from 3 to 5 minutes, or however long you think is necessary. Like certain types of dogs, pigs can also be very stubborn, and if they don\'t want to learn, they will simply ignore you. Pick a spot where the pig is most comfortable.

    Limit Your Words

    Like dogs, pigs can remember and distinguish words. Don\'t use phrases or sentences; one or two words will do. You can use words like \"sit,\" and if you use that word long enough, eventually they will obey the command. Always plan to use different words for different tricks or commands, and use the same words consistently.


    Training should always be a fun exercise, and the pig should expect a treat for doing a trick. Always give them a snack that is low in fat content to prevent them from gaining weight. You can start by giving them a treat for one command, then following by giving them a reward following a set of commands. Your ultimate goal is having the pig obey a command without giving them a treat.

    Types of Tricks

    The kinds of tricks pigs can do very much depends on what you want to teach them, and the personality of the pigs. You\'ll be surprised by what pigs can learn, including surfing. Check out the video below.
    Your pig may not be able to surf, but you could have a pig with a hidden talent that no other pig has. To find out what your pig can do, it requires playing and getting to know them. If you\'re unsure about what types of tricks pigs can do, stay tuned for my next piece on some good tricks pigs can learn.

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