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    The Large Black, otherwise known as Cornwall Black or Devon, are pigs that originate from Britain, and became useful for extensive farming because of their natural foraging instincts. They are not well-suited for intensive farming, which is why their numbers declined post-World War Two, as more farmers turned to intensive techniques. Because of this shift in farming methods, the breed of this pig almost became extinct in the 1960s, but their numbers have been slowly increasing over the decades. They were a popular meat breed in the late 1800s, and into twentieth century, known for their old-world flavor in today\'s world. Nevertheless, they are considered a rare breed by organizations in the hog world. Get a view of them in the following video:
    Because of their large size and need for wide open grazing land, they are not considered pet pigs, but they have qualities that would make them an excellent candidate as a hog friend.


    They are distinct because of their long, floppy ears, which serves the purpose of protecting its face while foraging heavily for roots. They are docile creatures that are easily approachable, and you can handle them with ease. They are also the only known pig in Britain that comes in all black, serving the role of protecting their skins from harsh sunlight. They can stand at the waist side of your average human, and both genders can weigh over 500 pounds. Males weigh anywhere from 700-800 pounds, and 600-700 pounds for females. Because of their size, they can withstand cold temperatures, only needing requiring proper bedding and shelter for protection.

    Because of their foraging abilities, you a save a bundle on pig feed, but they still need the necessary amount of nutrition in their diets.

    Are they available in the US?

    There are conservation efforts in the United States, and you can find them at your local breeder, or from a seller who specializes in selling rare breeds. They are also known as heritage hogs, maintaining the traits of their hog forbearers going all the back to 16th century England. They are great if you have large land that needs managing, and they can handle the cold and heat very well. Black Hog sows have exceptional mothering instincts, giving birth to sizable liters as well. This is a hog to have if you have plenty of land, and if you plan to breed them, the piglets will require plenty of foraging food and land as well. Good foraging food includes legumes and clover.

    Even though there are a number of breeders and conservancies preserving their numbers, it is a struggle in keeping this pig from going extinct, but it is a great pig to have if you are looking for a large pig with minimal maintenance.

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