Odd testicles upon castration

    I work on a dairy & pig farm and help perform castratrations and hernia surgeries on young pigs about every month or two. This last batch we did was about 35 pigs, half around 6 weeks old and half around 10 weeks old. We usually have 1-3 hernias in a group this size. Two of the "hernias" plus another castration was abnormal: one large, hard red/black testicle or sack with a thick hard cord. My boss has never seen this before in his 150 or so hernia surgeries and now we had 3. Anyone know what this is?? We are curious and confused, and I want to make sure it isn't a serious disease, genetic disorder, etc. We don't know for sure if they are from the same boar or sow, etc. The young boars do not show other symptoms as far as I know of.

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