Pig Fencing Considerations

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    When it comes to keeping animals in, or out as the case may be, a good fence is essential. Regardless of on which side of the fence your animal belongs, you want it to stay there. Pigs are no exception to the list of animals willing to escape and thus pig fencing requires special attention so there are no unexpected escapes and needs for impromptu roundups as a result.


    The type of fence you need will in large part depends on the type of pig you intend to keep inside. Large breed pigs, for example, will need stronger, taller fencing than small breeds. Also a possible necessity is electric wire or tape to give your fence some extra oomph and to give pigs a reminder as to why they need to stay within the confines of their fenced in home.

    Galvanized wire with hot wire at the base.

    While it is always nice to save money, pig fencing is one place in which cutting costs is not a reality. Skimping on fencing will result in an escape and so will using low-quality supplies so be sure to get the good stuff. This, too, should be somewhat pig specific as different breeds are more known for trying fences than others, and if you keep such a notorious breed, be sure to do things right from the start to save yourself lots of headaches down the road.


    Something else to keep in mind when fencing is pig behavior. It is more likely that a pig will go under a fence than over it, so fencing must make ground contact. They will also find holes or gaps to wiggle through so you need to overlap wire panels at the ends rather than simply joining them together. Also make sure any holes that exist are too small to fit through and that pushing will not expand those holes or tear fencing and leave jagged edges as this can also cause injury. It is possible, too, that pigs will pull and swing on fencing and the fence needs to be able to withstand this without collapse, so pay special attention to ratings and keep in mind that chewing through fencing may occur as well. If you use electric fence, don't forget to check it regularly because foliage growth, for one thing, can cause it to fail.


    If you are starting to think fencing pigs into an area is a tough task, you just might be right! In truth, it can be done but pig fencing is not something you can simply slap together and forget about. Strong, good quality fencing is required as is regular maintenance. A properly installed and monitored fence will go a long way toward keeping your pigs where they belong, but it never hurts to be on good terms with your neighbor and give them your phone number just in case!

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