Pig Not Eating?

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    Pigs are hefty eaters by nature, so when they stop eating suddenly, this is cause for concern. There are a variety of reasons why a pig has stopped eating, and the matter should be addressed immediately, since it could be symptomatic of a larger problem. The root of the problem could range from mild to deadly serious.


    This is a common problem in older pigs, and you\'ll have to examine their bathroom habits. If you notice the pig is straining to go, or if the little fecal material that comes out feels hardened, then constipation is the likely culprit. In this instance, you\'ll want to avoid giving the animal laxatives, but instead go the vet for some special medicine. A vet will run an X-ray, and surgery could be the necessary remedy to remove the blockage. In the meantime, you can put some low-fat oil in the pig\'s food for lubrication every other day. And if you want to be extra cautious, do not give them oil until there is some fecal matter coming through.


    Pneumonia is a common problem in pigs, and an illness that will cause your hog to cease eating. Take the pig\'s temperature immediately to see if it is 102 degrees or higher. A healthy pig\'s temperature will be in the 99 to 101 degree area. When it comes to pigs, the symptoms of pneumonia only manifest in the early stage in the form of a fever and change in eating habits. If caught early, the appropriate antibiotics can be given, but pneumonia can be fatal if not treated early.


    This can be the most serious reason why your pig may not be eating, and the problem usually does not show until the cancer or tumor has become so large that it causes them stomach problems. There is no high fever when it comes to cancer, only the pig\'s refusal to eat anything. The doctor will give the necessary tests, but the tumor does not always show in show in X-rays or blood work. Nevertheless, it is imperative that the pig be taken to the vet immediately, since surgery is the only option for removing any tumors. If it is benign, then the pig stands a chance of survival, but it could be more serious for pigs with cancer.

    Reproductive Problems

    If your pig is female, consider that it may be a problem in the uterus in the form of pyometra. It is a uterine injection that often results in a greenish or yellow discharge. When it comes to this type of infection, a fever or benign tumors can be common symptoms as well. If you notice these problems, veterinary assistance is required immediately.


    If your pig is an outside hog, then chances are it could have been injured. Check the pig for any outside injuries, and monitor how they are eating. You can give them fluids in the meantime, but it will be necessary to take them to the vet.

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