The Swimming Swine of Pig Island

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    You may have heard the expression 'when pigs fly' a time or two in your life. While it is impossible for a pig to fly and that is a sight you will unfortunately never be able to see, pigs have many other talents to amaze and even entertain you. For example, pigs can swim. This may not be something you see on a regular basis, but it is true nonetheless. While pigs need access to a body of water in their environment to keep cool due to an inability to sweat, chances are that most pigs do not have enough of one to go for a full blown swim. Rest assured, however, that if a swimming opportunity were to present itself, your pigs would likely be very much on board with the idea.



    Two of the more enjoyable things in life are pigs and the beach, so why not bring them together and have fun with them simultaneously? Just because you may have never gone swimming with pigs in the past does not mean you cannot do so in the future. All it takes is a visit to Pig Island (also known as Pig Beach, Major Cay, and Big Major Cay) to have some fun in the water with a group of very friendly, outgoing pigs that will greet you in the water before you even depart your boat and make your way to shore.



    There are many rumors about the reason Pig Island exists. One of the rumors is that the pigs survived a shipwreck by swimming to the island and have remained there ever since. Another is that sailors dropped them off with plans to return to cook and eat the animals. Regardless of what the true story is, the end result is an island full of thriving pigs located in the Bahamas.



    People arrive by boat excited to see the pigs and the pigs do not disappoint, swimming immediately to incoming boats to visit travelers. Chances are they anticipate food, but they appear happy for company nonetheless, posing for pictures and trying on sunglasses at the same time. The pigs of Pig Island may have at one time been domesticated animals and although they do live as wild ones now, it is quite certain that they harbor a connection with human beings and are willing to share their space, especially for a snack. Some people like to swim with dolphins or sharks, but others yet swim with pigs.

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