Top Seven Pig Foods For Your Pig

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    As stated in previous articles, pigs are not living garbage disposals that can eat anything, but they can eat most things. Pigs are omnivores, able to eat plants and meat sources, and they are hefty eaters with voracious appetites. But there are some foods they need in their diets. Whether you're raising commercial or pet pigs, here are some things that are healthy foods for your pig.



    This will be in your grain category. Corn is the most typical of foods you're going to find in a pig diet. They are not only a common source of feed for pet and commercial breeds, but they are also a source of digestible carbohydrates, and it is low in fiber.


    Another food in the grain category, sorghum is a form of feed that provides energy to pigs like corn. It also contains more protein, vitamins and essential amino acids. And, just like corn, sorghum should not be used alone in a pig diet. There are two types of sorghum: brown sorghum (bird-resistant) and yellow grain sorghum (non-bird resistant). The non-grain variety should not be fed to lactating mothers and any young pig under 50 lbs.



    Every pig owner knows about corn, but truffles is one dish that you may not be aware of. According to a New York Times article, truffles have an enzyme that is the same in the testes of boars. Wild pigs have a natural instinct of sniffing out truffles as far as three feet deep, which is why humans tend to compete with pigs when it comes to finding them. Truffles are found across Europe, but you can also find them in North America. Truffles are considered a delicacy across the world in the human diet, but farmers in France and elsewhere regularly feed pigs truffles.


    This is a food source that wild pigs rely on for energy, as well as important vitamins and minerals like potassium, vitamin B6 and magnesium. Pigs are natural foragers, so if you see your hogs trolling for underground snacks, most likely acorns is on the top of their list. Acorns are also a good source of fat and carbs.


    We may not think of popcorn as a healthy snack, but it can be a harmless little treat for your pig. As long as the popcorn is not overly salty or buttery, pigs will love this treat, especially pet pigs. You can make popcorn a healthy alternative for your pig by using a low fat/salt/butter variety, and pigs love the crunch of the popcorn.


    Cheese can come in different forms when feeding to pigs, but as long as they are not overly salty or sugary, pigs will enjoy them. And you can make cheese crisps by using plain or spritz dough and sprinkling some light cheese over it. You can make it into small squares and have a handy treat ready when training them.


    Bread is also another food that pigs will love, and it is a form of food that will provide energy to your pets. It is also a form of pig food that you can get cheap. You can stop by your local bakery for good deals on bread that is about to expire, or you can just load up on bread at your local convenience store. You wouldn't believe how much bread goes to waste in a bakery, all of which could make a good feed source for your hogs.

    When it comes to what your pig eats, it all depends on the owner's preference, and the individual personality of the pig. If you're looking for things to feed your pig, the aforementioned list is a good way to go that will set you in the right direction.

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