Yorkshire Pigs

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    If you\'re looking for a common pig with good breeding capabilities, then look no further than the English Large White, or Yorkshire pig. This is a great hog for breeders looking to foster more piglets and to add a sturdy bloodline to your herd. It is a good pig to have for intensive farming.

    This is one of the most common pigs you\'ll find in North America. The Yorkshire pig has an extensive history dating way back to Yorkshire, England, but was first brought to the US in 1830. During World War I, the popularity of this pig was not very popular due to its hefty nature and low body fat. Lard was in full favor at the time in order to manufacture bullets and ammunition. But, even after World War I, it was a pig primarily known for its good breeding stock, but it began to fell out of favor post World War I, since farmers were not sold on their looks and slow growth rate. But, by the 1940s, more Yorkshires from Canada were being imported to the US because of their sturdiness, longer frames and greater piglet numbers.

    Production Rates

    They have some of highest growth and productivity records in the world, making this pig is a prime choice if you\'re looking for a stock to breed. According to a five year test program, they can gain an average of 2.07 lbs. per day if 240 pounds is reached. They are characteristically referred to as the Mother Breed because of their ability to foster large litters. It is a good stand-alone breed and one that has been used for mixed breeding stock. According to records, Yorkshires will produce an average of 11 piglets per litter. Get a view of them in this video:

    Yorkshire Attributes

    They are known as the English Large White because of their light, pink color. They also have dish faces and erect ears. Yorkshires are pigs known for producing lean meat and plenty of it because of their longer frame. They are very muscular pigs, with low back fat, and they are great pigs to have around if you\'re looking for a large hog.

    Because this pig is so common, you can find them in nearly every state in the US. The most common areas you\'ll find them in are parts of the Midwest. When it comes to temperament, this pig is friendly and naturally curious. They are not only great commercial hogs, but they are great show hogs as well. It is a great pig that will prove to be an addition to your farm, and it is a safe bet when it comes to breeding and raising pigs.

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