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  1. Beginners Forum
    I’m in need of advice, I have a 12 day old orphan piglet on milk replacer with diarrhea it has had it for a week I am mixing baby cereal in with it’s milk replacer and have given it pepto in the morning as that was some advice that was given to me, other than the diarrhea it seems healthy, eats...
  2. Health and Wellness
    Our Sow had her litter of 12 3 days ago yesterday we noticed they were looking skinny today they all have diarrhea and have lost 4, we have taken them off their mum this afternoon and have started self feeding them with Milk replacement and home made electrolytes and have them under the heat...
  3. General Pig Discussion
    I have two sows that I have bred twice so far and I have them on bulk feed because it is cheapest. I get 1000lbs of ground corn Mix it with: 1 50 lb bag cargill milk plus pellets 28% protein 4 bags soybean meal 44% protein Is this feed adequate for them to produce babies and also milk for the...
  4. Pig Behavior
    My husband and I have been expecting a litter of piglets and sure enough found three around 11am today with their mother. The sow was showing no signs of labor at this point so we call on our vet to come check on her just to be certain as we thought that was an awful small litter (this was her...
  5. Introductions
    Good Morning to All, We made a small video of our new baby potbelly piglets, born this morning. They are so cute totally black apart from one who has a little white diamond on their head. Take a look http://youtu.be/6hT7yR0sSvU
  6. Health and Wellness
    I am fairly new to pigs; on my second litter. First time with health problems with piggies; vet has diagnosed two of the piglets with joint ill and prescribed penicillin injections. I will do that; but I'm just curious if anyone knows of any other holistic treatments that are effective for...
1-6 of 6 Results