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I have a 10 month old red wattler who has not been feeling well for the last 3 days. He is normally very vocal, loving, and the first to be at the feed bucket.
He has no fever, eyes are bright, no discharge out of eyes or nose...so basically fine. BUT, he is laying around all the time, not interested in eating much, and his poor testicles are staying large, like when his gal is in heat...not shrinking back like they normally do. He is just 'off'.

He is penned with his mate, who is also 10 months old. I have them in electric fencing and they get moved often for acorn harvesting. They have a diverse diet of fodder, 1/2 tsp kelp (1x/day), 2 to 3 eggs, garden veggies, beans & rice, lots of garlic & herbs I cook with the beans, a handful of 20% cattle cubes, beet pulp (cup) and some dried grains I grew, millet, sorghum, amaranth...all this 2x a day.
They have grown wonderfully, not too fast or to slow and I have had them since 2 months old.

I 'inspect' poop all the time, no changes there and I am around them a lot through the day...I just can't figure out why he is not my usual boisterous boy...and ideas, thoughts???

Thanks y'all
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