10 weeks, Trouble Pooping

Discussion in 'General Pig Discussion' started by reddeer, Feb 27, 2016.

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    I have a saddle back piglet that has issues pooping.
    It is almost as if she is constipated. I have changed her diet numerous times, no change in her poo.
    She gets 5 prunes a day and that seemed to help when she was younger. Now she is 10weeks old. she hasn't grown much.
    She is happy, her tail goes a million miles and hour when she sees you and she is eating.
    I have to catch her every 2nd evening and squeeze either side of her bum to help her poo. The poo is hard as rocks.
    She is from a litter of 13, all have sold and were happy and pooping 100%.
    I doubt it constipation, I think there is something else going on ... Has anyone else had this issue?