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A Pig in Curls: The Mangalitsa

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A Pig in Curls: The Mangalitsa

Pigs come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. From teeny tiny teacup pigs to massive monster pigs, to say there is variation amongst the species is to hit the nail on the head. Pigs come in different colors as well, and some of them even sport different hair styles, at least as where the Mangalitsa is concerned.

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Photo: Note Passer

At first glance, a Mangalista may look like a standard pig from afar, but when you take a closer look, something unsual will...
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I am looking to breed these pigs, can they be left for a couple of days on there own, I work away for a couple of days a week and don't wont to start with pig farming if they need daily attension. I have heard they are hardy pigs and can stand very cold temps
Could I possibly use couple of pictures posted. Thanks
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