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Adult Organizations for the Keeping of Livestock

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If I'm not mistaken 4H and FFA are for kids right? If not, do you know how adults get involved?

Is any one a part of a group dedicated to raising animals in urban and semi rural settings?
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I know there are local chicken raising clubs in my area, but I do not know of any national organizations specifically for pig raising.

Do you have any kids? If so I would ask the 4h teacher (If you have 4h there) about local organizations.
I'm sad to see there's not listing here. I know my area has a co-op with local producers so you can ask questions if you need to.
Check out your local/state fairs ... Most "Clubs" will have farm animals there. You can also check your local feed store sell board.

Best of luck.
I've not found one, but you can talk to local 4h clubs and I'm sure they can point you in the right direction.
There is FFA alumni chapter for mist regular chapters, contact your local high school FFA for more info, by the way you didn't have to be involved in high school to join the alumni chapter
I know here in southwest mo we have a group called young farmers and it is sort of an alumni group for FFA in our area they have their meetings at the local high school so I would contact the local high school agriculture teacher and see if they know of a group like this. They have different speakers come in and talk about different agriculture topics and it is a place you can ask other farmers questions about different issues. Hope you have good luck finding a group. Melissa in Mo
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