Am I underfeeding or is he just being bratty?

Discussion in 'Beginners Forum' started by rayvan, Mar 30, 2017.

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    My 6 month old is 26 lbs and I feed him 1 cup daily, spread out between morning, lunch, evening and late dinner. I'm supposed to give him half a cup total daily dosage for his weight. But he gets just too angry for that so I started doing 1 cup 2 weeks ago spread throughout the day and he has calmed down a lot. I had some peace from the groans but now at the 2 week mark, he seems to be getting into groaning again...Especially when I'm not in his direct line of sight. Which I guess means he is concerned I really am not going to feed him now that I'm gone.

    And what's happened now is that if I miss 1 of the 4 feeding times, he is rabidly hungry and trying to bite hands (he used to never do that, and shouldn't because I always put his food in a bowl. I have pinched his neck and said "no" to correct him, cause he's done it to me and 1 other house guest. I'm also purchasing an automatic feed dispenser to try to get ahead of this.

    So I'm conflicted, does he
    #1 Just want to be near me? (he does not groan when he's around me, but I can't be home all the time)
    #2 Need to be put back on a more strict timed diet of 8am and 9pm?
    #3 Need to have his feed dosage decreased?
    #4 Something else

    Looking forward to your desperately needed advice. I love my piggy and cuddle with him every other day, so I dislike seeing him go into these random emotional spurts.

    I guess the most useful tidbit would be what dosage did you feed him/her when your piggy was that age and at what interval throughout the day?
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    I'm in the same boat as you. I've got two bottle babies and everything says 2-4 oz three times a day but these girls inhale 8-10 oz six or seven times a day instead. And every feeding is like the first time they've been fed in days. I'm at a total loss too.