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Any other Goaters?

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Just wanted to say hello! My daughter just started school and I have a lot of free time so I figured I would start with pigs and see where it takes me.

I have 10 goats presently and love them all. They are not food, but the pigs might be.

I'm glad to be here!
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Hello & Welcome ...

We had goats (milk) till last year, when someone made me a offer I could not pass up.
They bought all your goats?
The whole herd ... poof, gone. He told me to give him a price I did. (thinking I was a little on the high side. ;))

(but) They were all trained to the milk stand, even the young ones not yet milking. (dry wipe down, not to tip the bucket and stand till your done.)
Wow. I'm glad you got what you wanted then. So no more goats in the future? Did he just want your herd as they were already trained?
Yes, he wanted and paid for a train goat...

(and) No more goats for now as we are back into cattle. I'm training the longhorns as we speak. It is about the same as the goats, only on a larger scale. lol Get them used to a person around them, dry wipe for now and etc.
Wow, I hope you make a killing off these too!

I used to own a goat, and African Pygmy named Buffy. It was a pet and we spent summers together at the house.

I loved that goat.
I never milked a goat, only milked cows, got up to 10 gallons a day, with two milkings.
Austin do you have a photo of Buffy you could show us?

I use to live beside a goat pasture, but now it grows self storage buildings. I liked the little goats better.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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