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AWESOME looking pigs!!!!

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We raise these !! There's no other better pork on earth when these guys are raised on acorns :) Plant Terrestrial animal Sheep Snout Sheep


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Do you cross em with sheep or what? You could make a nice pair of socks! They probably would be good for winter pigs huh? I am intrigued, what is the history of the breed?
Interesting breed...
They come from Hungary, and are excellent lard hogs, but the meat is also superb.
Oh! Interesting for sure! I just saw a picture of this breed today and thought they were adorable! are they really wooly or does it just look like wool? It'd be interesting to spin their wool if so- Talk about dual purpose!!! :)
It really just looks like wool, but these pigs are fun to pet lol some people do sell the hair to fishing companies to have fishing flys made out of it.
It has a purpose , these pigs were originally developed for a colder climate . So, the hair is a really good insulator to keep them warm during harsh winters. These pigs are what you would call a "Heritage hog" . They have become nearly extinct but are making a comeback in the USA.
Those are really interesting looking pigs.

Can you use that 'fur' for spinning yarn like done with sheep and angora bunnies?
I've never heard of anyone doing that, it's like a regular pig bristle just longer and curly
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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