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Butchering costs?

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How much does everyone wind up paying for butchering a pig? Unless you do it yourself that is.

Here in Central Florida, I use a place called Seville's who charges 40$ to put the pig down and .45$ a pound cut and wrapped which ever way I choose.
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The few places I have done business with here in Illinois have been around 170 for a whole and 100 for a half. But it depends on how you get it cut and how much different sausages you get, spices and casings add up.
Here in Colorado, we usually end up paying up to $180 to butcher a whole hog
USDA Inspected:
$55 Scald & Scrape, Chilled, Aged One Week
$155 Cutting, Vacuum Packed
$2.50 Linked Sausage
$2.50 Smoked

Prices vary tremendously regionally, with what type of inspection and what you get (e.g., paper vs vac pack, USDA vs uninspected, etc)
I guess I'll find out for sure in a week. Just took a hog down yesterday and he should be ready in a little over a week. My butcher hangs them for at least a week.
I guess most folk don't do there own ... now a days ...
My customers like to pic there meat up I butcher rap, most of em wouldn't have a clue how.
I've thought about doing it myself but I don't have the money to invest in a bandsaw and the other items needed to do it properly but I hope to get to that point one day.

We do our own rabbits, chickens, and turkeys but nothing bigger than those yet.
I guess most folk don't do there own ... now a days ...
For those, like us, who are selling the meat it must be inspected so doing their own isn't much of an option for many. To be legal you have to take it to a USDA or State inspected processor.

However, that said, we're almost done building our own on-farm butcher shop which will be USDA/State inspected. We're really looking forward to that!
I butcher my own. I also sell my pigs. Here in PA I can't sell cuts of meat without USDA inspection but I can sell the pig and then the new owner can pay me to custom butcher "their pig". The pig never has to leave the farm but has to be packaged in a case labeled not for sale.
My butcher does it by hanging weight. My hog was 220lbs. hanging weight. He charged 45$ to put him down and .45$ a pound. Came out to 144$ for this pig.

That is cut & wrapped to my specs. Seems to be a fair price to me considering I don't have the equipment and/or knowledge to do it myself.
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