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    So the forum has been pretty quite so thought I would ask a question :)

    Does anyone here butcher their pigs themselves? We butcher our own deer and chickens, would it really be that hard to do a pig on our own?
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    We do our own ... for the most part. (Our last beef was out of being easy but could have bee done.) but we let the 'house' do it...

    But chicken and pork ... for now, we have done our own.
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  3. Highlands

    Highlands Pastured Pigs in Vermont

    We do for ourselves. For years I simply deboned and didn't worry about anything fancy. Bones went to the soup pot. Meat went in the freezer or canner. Doing it this way is very simple and easy. All you need is a sharp knife and a stone to keep it sharp. A meat grinder is a bonus. After that a hand held meat bow saw - not necessary though.

    Recently we began the process of building our own on-farm butcher shop and spent 18 months apprenticing with Cole Ward a local master butcher in preparation. It was a wonderful experience. My wife, our elder son and I learned 'real' commercial meat cutting techniques. (See http://SugarMtnFarm.com/butchershop)

    Cole has made a two DVD set on butchering. It is very good and only $30. I highly recommend it. Use the pause and rewind to study how he does things. Contact him directly if you're interested: [email protected]