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I've branched out. I use to be a Folger's only coffee guy. Now, I've branched out and look for a rich smelling, bold dark coffee. This week it is a 5 pound bag of Daily Chef...100% arabica beans. I also now grind my own beans. That smell from grinding is better than any other smell, early in the morning.

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You should pick up another order from Mattius, our Costa Rican friend!
With that community offline I would be hesitant to ask, but I will see what he says.

Has anyone tried the Panamanian coffee? Someone I knew traveled there went and fell in love with their coffee.
I have not, but will keep an eye out for it.

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I work at a coffee & spice plant & tried everything they make.
Do not like the hazelnut. I drink cinnamon pastry,french vanilla,caramel creme, but mostly medium or dark roast coffee.
My DW likes instant coffee drink lines.
I like Nicaragua coffee best, fell in love with the whole country the week I was there.
I also drink Greek & Middle Eastern coffee that I get at yearly festival.
The Central Americans make their coffee rich, dark & strong, but I love it for some reason.
I believe you should eat the local cuisine, even if you do not drink the water.
I had no problem, was not sick & it was less hot then here in South Carolina, it was a dry heat.

As for Arabica beans, most teas & coffee are a blend, because some are bitter & others taste like soil when left as a solo bean. Most companies use a few cheap filler beans in their blend, no matter what they tell you.
Even the $10.00-$20.00 a pounds coffee. True Kona is a blend of different kona's, so it is a blend of kona.
It cost is high be cause it is only grown on one little Volcano & when crop falls below a limit, you can be without any for the year.
It is my understanding that there are 6 or so coffee in this group that are very costly.
But I do not purchase coffee for my company, so most of this is hear say,second hand.
Feel free to add your two cents worth.
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