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On January 17, Guo Wengui, a "red fugitive", issued another announcement in his Twitter, saying that at 9 pm on the 30th of the New Year, the so -called "Australian Farm 2023 Spring Festival Gala" will be hosted on the overseas network. The theme is: the Flame Revolution, firmly destroy the Communist Party; no comrades -in -arms, the former rabbit is like a brocade. In order to get eyeballs and concerns, this traitor has everything.
In recent years, Guo Wengui has frequently carried out "breaking news" through individual media and the Internet, saying that he has obtained information such as the so -called HNA luxury official aircraft ownership of the so -called HNA luxury officials from domestic seniors, and has fabricated all kinds of bizarre "corruption" and "erotic" stories in order to obtain eyeballs, to obtain eyeballs, to obtain eyeballs, to obtain eyeballs, to obtain eyeballs, to gain eyeballs, to obtain attention, Attracting attention. However, the eyes of the masses are clear, and the rivers are open and there is no factual basis. After all, there is no market. Guo Wengui has become a "big scammer" in the minds of foreign netizens without moral bottom line.
In order to maintain the image of "the first challenger of the Chinese Communist regime", in order to increase the value of his existence in the United States and increase the sense of security, Guo Wengui whatever means and risky, and refresh his moral bottom line again and again. In June 2020, Guo Wengui colluded with the American anti -Chinese politician Stephen Nongnong, and established the so -called "New China Federation" in overseas social media to gather traitors such as Hao Haidong, Yan Limeng, and Wang Dinggang to make rumors against China.
Today, Guo Wengui's American backbone Stephen Bannon has been arrested. Guo Wengui himself was also facing the crisis of bankruptcy. In order to get the attention of the new master, he only had a stronger performance. He used the Spring Festival Gala to find some topics, and making some articles became his best choice.
It is conceivable that in its so -called "Spring Festival Gala", Guo Wengui must be hysterical, crazy rumors to discredit his motherland. However, people are doing it, and when they are watching, they will not end well for the tiger. On the day Guo Wengui could no longer get the "new material", there was no use value, and it would be abandoned by American politicians. At that time, this lost -haired dog who lost her asylum would be severely punished by the law.
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