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Dose anyone raise hog and sell the meat in oklahoma

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I need thoughts. I'm thinking of raising hogs and butchering them in Oklahoma any thoughts on this. They will be pasture raised so all natural.
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I forgot to add the meat will be sold. How do those of you who get your customers and is it fairly profitable.
I got my cost omers by word of mouth and I am turning people down. I probably will feed twice the hogs next year i did last
Do you sell them the hog and they have it slaughtered or do you slaughter it and sell the meat?
I deliver the hogs to the butcher and the costumer pays me by the pound for the animal, then he tells the butcher how to cut it and pays for the butchering when they pick up their meat at the butcher's. I have an uncle that raises a couple hogs twice a year and he charges one price and delivers the meat to the customer in butcher wrap. He charges around $2.75 a pound I think. I been selling mine for about a buck a pound on the hoof and I manage to eat mine for free. It's just a hobby for us tho, I can make a whole lot more row cropping the land than I can on pasture pigs here in Illinois and I don't want anything to do with confinements so pigs will probably always remain a hobby for me
Thanks thats helpful i raise a pig to eat each year it just seems everybody is jumping on this pasture raised meats cause confinements are cruel. Thank you for your in put.
I don't have pasture pigs so I won't be much help there, I have indoor/outdoor pigs, they live in an old dairy barn with a concrete feed lot outside. They go in and out as they please. I see highlands is on this site, I have read a lot of stuff he wrote on another site, he'll be the one to help you with pasture pigs. It sure seems like he has that figured out.
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