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Flooding pens

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Howdy everyone.

Not new to hogs but be enough to be here 😅

Struggling with shelters and flooding in the Midwest. Just getting to the trail end of a rain storm that drenched us in about 3" over the course of 7 hours.

Pens are flooded. Huts are flooded and my big boar is dead set on busting loose and heading for higher ground. We've been out trenching and scooping but they've all dug down in their shelters too where it all rubs to it faster than It channels out.

We're planning a redo on our whole system and relocating everyone's pens (25x25 pens for each hog and a 60x30 for fats growing out) but I'd rather not fight water and 39° weather next go around.

Huts are 10Lx8Wx4H. 4 sided but no floor. (Concrete wasn't and isn't an option. What could be done to help prevent swimming hogs for our annual spring mini monsoon?

Found some ideas such as wooden floors or gravel or some equine resources like lightfoot. But I want to know what works for y'all.

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