Ground Corn Additive question

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    This question may be asked elsewhere but im looking to make the best decision i

    I stumbled upon a great deal for ground corn.
    I bought 8 super sacks of ground corn that was booled / steeped in lime (citrus)
    Water then ground and baked dry. Its an ingredient used for another product.

    The bags got small holes from shipping damage and were condemned.
    I paid 40.00 a 2000# sack (+- on the #.)
    Im currently feeding it free choice to some pigs.

    Im chewing over feed additive to increase protein.
    Im looking at adding a coffee can of 44% soybean meal, a coffee can of 16% wheat middlings, to a 5 gallon bucket of the corn meal. Then throwing in a double handful of calf manna.

    Ive never been a fan of Soy for feeding anything but pigs do convert on it. And its readily available.