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Heritage Ossabaw Pigs

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We have eighteen heritage Ossabaw Pigs for sale. They have been fed organically and range from 2 weeks - 2 years in age.

Gallifrey: Boar, 2 years old sired three litters of piglets. 500$

Andalasia: Sow, 2 years old, mothered two litters of piglets, good mother, lets you pet them and pick them up with no issues. 500$

Essie: Sow, 1 1/2 years old (October 2014), mothered one litter of piglets, protective, good mother. 500$

*If Essie, Andalasia, and Gallifrey are all taken together, their group price is 1400$. They live well together, and the sows have gotten along very well. Three separate bloodlines.

Rooty: Boar, 1 year old (February 2015), has not yet sired any piglets. 450$

Hoober: Gilt, born July 1st 2015, good personality friendly with people, from Andalasia and Gallifrey's first litter. 400$

Two litters, first (Essie and Gallifrey) born March 6th; 7 weeks old. Second: (Andalasia and Gallifrey) April 15th) 2 weeks old. Single pigs and breeding pairs/trio's available. Will have details on gender availability soon. 300$ per piece, breeding pair: 550$ breeding trio: 800$

*The piglets will be ready to go sometime in June, depending on how they are doing.

Pictures are available
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