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Hi from a newbie

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New with both pigs and this forum. I got a "micro" pig a few months ago. Before anyone says there is no such thing....I understand he is probably not MICRO however as of now, being a year old, he is only 30 pounds. I'm sure he will get bigger. Hamlet is a house pet and we have a large pen for him in the house. We let him out everyday to roam around and play with the dog and our cats. He is a joy to have and fun to watch play with the other animals.
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Hello & Welcome!
Can you give us some pics? I'd really like to see this house pet!
Here is Hamlet, my house pig. Sorry I took so long to get a pic posted.

Head Fawn Wood Snout Livestock


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He uses a litter box (with pine litter) that is in his pen. He is so spoiled though. As soon as all of us are home, he wants out to run and play with the dog. He knows his name and comes running when called.
Awe! He is adorable! :) I would love to have a pig indoors, but mine will get too big. I think it's awesome that he is potty trained. Did he learn kind of like puppies do?
Thanks. They pretty much automatically litter train themselves - like cats. I didn't have to do anything but put the litter box in his pen and he used it. He also has a bed and will keep it on the opposite side of his pen. Many people don't realize that pigs are very clean.
Good to know about the habits of the little pigs.
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