House pig HELP!!! -- another try.....

Discussion in 'Pig Behavior' started by weeble257, May 14, 2014.

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    Hi -I posted before about this and got no reply's, so I am trying again.

    I really need some help and advise in regards to my pet pig, Hamlet. He is 15 months old, neutered, about 55 lbs and lives in a large pen in my living room. He generally is friendly and loves to be out of his pen when we are home. The problem is at night. He sleeps ok until about 3 AM when he wakes up squealing. I go out, tell him no in a very firm voice, he stops and all is well, for about 20-30 mins when he repeats it - every half hour until my alarm goes off at 5AM. I started spraying him in the face with a spray bottle (water) and while he didn't like it at first, I think he is starting to enjoy it. I know that may sound cruel but I am desperate.
    Every night/morning it's the same thing. I'm so, so tired of waking up every half hour from 3AM until I have to get up for work. What can I do? I can't ignore him, he won't stop. I'm getting desperate and am thinking of sending him to a rescue if I can't get him to stop, I need my sleep. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    Without being condescending, your pig has you trained, just as it wanted. He squeals, you tend to him. He now knows when he wants attention, he just squeals and you will come running. You need to break this bad habit. When he squeals, do not say anything. Do not acknowledge him. What you are doing is rewarding bad behavior.

    I will also be honest with you that a pig, pet or not, should be raised and kept outside, not in your house.