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Any hunter on the board? If so where and what do you hunt?
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This is a great question. In Arizona, there are quite a few javelinas, and just wondering if they are worth hunting?
They are. You have to watch out for their glands when butchering, but I've been told they are good eating.
Deer season will start in a few short days!!!
Do you deer hunt?
Yes, it's a family thing. :D
I squirrel hunt :) My husband does the deer hunting.
I squirrel hunt to. Just never been a position to go deer hunting.
I got two over the last couple of weeks. Small ones, I thought they would be huge due to hibernation, but they were far skinnier than I'm used to.
Sorry, squirrels. They live in my yard, but only for a bit.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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