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I have a 10yr old barrow (adopted in April), he was previously a house pet, now living in a 1/2 acer fenced area with an open paddock, his own pool, mud pit with my 2 Nigerian dwarf goats. He's big probably about 200#.

I was just recently (June) given a spayed 1yr old Mini Pig, probably 45#. She is living in the same sized space, with her own pool & Mud area and a baby bull that I am bottle feeding.

My question... can I mix the pigs?? I have been told by another local farmer that the male will hurt the female & pigs shouldn't be mixed? I really want to leave the gates open between the yards but I don't want anything to happen to the female. The male hasn't shown any signs of aggression towards any of the other animals, he eats a lot, and likes to lay in the mud, seems chill.

We have been getting a ton of calls about taking in animals but pigs in particular and I can't do that if I can't just mix them together.
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