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Low weight

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Need help getting weight on pigs..only have a couple weeks before our county fair and our pigs don't seem to be gaining weight...need to be minimum of 220 smallest is 152 right now..any help or suggestions would be appreciated...thanks

Please do not recommend Paylean we will not use it...
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if you really have two weeks to put on 68 lbs, or 4.85 lbs / day, I think it is a lost cause. I'm not an experienced enough to know if this is even possible but if it is, do you think you're going to have a quality show pig at that point? Hopefully some of the more knowledgeable folks will chime in.
My kids just want to be able to show..they don't care if they win...at least not yet, they are young and still learning...

OK, understand having the kids do this as a learning exercise and best wishes to them. what sorts of feed do you have access to? Whole milk, corn, beer, eggs? Avoid anything that is low calorie and filling like grass/hay. I'm just guessing here, going by what I have heard others do.

Lots of what I use for feed is not because it is the best scientific solution but rather because it is free. So my experience is not so helpful in this situation.
What are you feeding now? I know down here in SW Louisiana if I want to fatten any of my pigs quick, I use pogie meal(fish meal). It's high in protien and they get big quick. I do cut it with rice bran hard or they get the diarrrhea.
How much rice bran to fish meal do you use I've not heard of that one yet
How much rice bran to fish meal do you use I've not heard of that one yet
To give you an idea, about a 1/4 of a 5gal bucket of fish meal to 3/4 of a 5gal bucket of rice bran, mixed together of course. If the pig being fed the fish meal has a due date for butchering, need to take it off the fish meal at least a month before and fed sweeter feed. I have found if not, it has a different taste. Pogie meal is used in making many different animal feeds , especially swine food. We have pogie plants all across the coast in Louisiana.
Those are the requirements for the county fair..must weigh at least 220 but not more then 280 in order to show. We are usually at the other end if the spectrum and having to hold them back but this year has been way harder to put weight on them then in years past.

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