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Mini pig lamesness

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Hello everyone,

i am hoping for some help with healing Buddy the pig. I bought him approximately two years ago, and he was reportedly two years old at the time but I’ve always suspected that is not true. He was very overweight, and had never had his feet done so he has always been a bit slow. I’ve had it hooves trimmed and while it’s helped, one foot in particular is growing very unusually and the joint above the hoof is now very swollen. It’s always grown weird and he’s always seemed to try to keep weight off it, but lately he’s gone from being slow to being immobile. We have him on a diet to get some weight down and relieve pressure on his joints, and have been treating his pain with Bute. I’m going to continue shaping the foot, but I’m worried it is growing this way from a previous injury that causes him to walk on the lateral/outside edge of his hoove, or is it a problem of neglect that caused it to grow strange and cause arthritis? Any help is much appreciated. I’ve attached a photo of his hoove to show that it seems to grow over itself, with no true edge.


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