Need Advice on how to go about Raising Pigs Please

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    Hello everyone,

    I am new to pigs(obviously:D) and I have one question for those of you who know more than I do about this. I have two separate pens for them by the way. Would it be better to buy some feeder piglets and raise them up and sell at butcher weight? Or get a couple sows and breed them? I am looking to maybe make a small profit off of this, if they at least pay for themselves I'll be perfectly happy with that as I've heard they're also a joy to own. Any and all advice is welcome!

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    Starting off


    I'm new to the forum but did the pig thing a couple of years ago......

    The first thing you have to do is source your feed.

    I am a process engineer and design and build turnkey plants (dairy - milk, cheese, yogurt, fruit juices, ice-cream, fruit and veg processing and pulping, potato chips/crisps, bread, etc....basically all kinds of food stuff) I drew up contracts with most of my customers in that I would be responsible for the disposal of all their waste and returned product.

    I then purchased 20 piglets from a local breeder and let them run around in a large open camp .....kinda "free range" (castrated all the males first)

    I kept them for about 6 months and only fed them what ever I got from my customers. I then sold off all the males and purchased a 1 year old boar from another breeder and let him loose in the camp.

    The advantage of the "free range" camp is that the pigs get used to you and don't run away - quite the opposite, I used to "wash" them with a hose pipe and scrubbing brush and they loved it. i used to spend lots of time with them and never kept logs of the breeding cycles and all that. You can see when the sow is ready and she will have milk two days before she is ready to drop - squeezing the teat tells you when she is in milk and thats when you put her in a pen.

    I would leave the sow and the piglets in the pen until the piglets were eating "solids" (+/- 3 weeks) and then let them all back into the camp. (all had their shots and the males were castrated) I kept my "breeding" stock and sold off the piglets at 6 months.

    I know that this will shock a lot of the "commercial" breeders out there and I am expecting a lot of "stick" from them, but it worked for me and I made a lot of money.