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New pig mom needing advice!

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So new pig mom here to two gorgeous little girls. I run a private cat and dog rescue and was contacted about these two orphans because I'm a canine bottle feeder. They were brought to me on the 6th as being a couple days shy of 3 weeks old. I was told they were pot bellies.

Now that I've had them a few days and done some research, I'm convinced they were actually only maybe 24 hours old and I'm positive they're hogs; Yorkshires is my guess.

I've got them on NurseAll formula, which they take to well. The package and what i read online says at this age they may take 2-4 ounces a few times a day. But these girls inhale 16 ounces and eat every few hours instead. And every meal is like the first time they've been fed in days.

One of the girls aspirates the milk. I've tried 3 different nipples and putting it in a dish but she's inhaling most of it anyway. I'm not sure what to do anymore.

I could really use some guidance here.
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