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New pig

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We just adopted our new piglet yesterday. she is an 8 week old female. I've never owned a pot belly pig before but have been researching for months. Right now I have her in a child's play pen. I made her a little box in a small box with newspaper and shavings, but she thinks it's a bed. Any suggestions on what to use? Also, she is terrified of being picked up, which I knew would be the case, but sometimes when we put our hands in (not trying to pick her up) she will jump in the air and snap it's her mouth. She doesn't make any sound when she does thins, so I wasn't sure if it was a sign of fear/aggression or not. Any tips on helping her settle in and feel the most comfortable would be greatly appreciated! :)
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Never owned a pot bellied....but, pretty sure since it is a pig, it will love mud. The muddier, the better they like it. The house keeper may not approve though. ;)
Snapping is generally a sign of stress. Its their defense mode. Id say be gentle go slow pet while feeding eventually give her treats or a bath. Shell come around
I'd suggest that you carry on feeding and bathing her, just taking care of her, and with time she will become more relaxed around you.
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