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pig only eats poop

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we bought a bred sow from a fairly large breeder with nice facilities. i would guess he has raised 10s of thousand of pigs. we brought her home put her in a stall, and gave her fresh city water,(same water as breeder ) and gave grain. we noticed the next day ,she hadnt touched her food. we ,in the past had kept goats,and somtimes cattle in the stall and there was a few inches of manure .. we noticed she would root and eat manure.. being as she was due within a week or so we wanted to give her a high protien diet. we tried cookies,bred,pellets ground grain .cakes watermelon.banana, and the list goes on .. we called the guy we bought her from (the one who has raised thousand of pigs) and he says,and I quote ..HUH...we called the vet,have given her different antibiots,as well as B12 to increase her appetite. also for the past week Ive been giving her oral medicine for a possible ulcer. Fast forward at bout 10 days she had 13 piglets.. 11 survived.. the piglets are growing fast and are very healthy. she of course has lost some weight,but seems healthy. . i have given her a steady diet of manure...some horse thats eats a high end diet...also i let her go outside daily for about 2 hrs,and she love to root in the cow manure pile and eats fer fill... Ive never seen any thing like it and was really concerned ,but it seems to be working... hoefully, some day she will go back onto grain.. we have another pig we bought that turned out to be steril and she will eat almost anything we offer her.... Im just curious if anyone else has ever heard of such a thing...ps ..shes a great mom.. Good day
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