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I don't have pigs, and probably won't for a while, but I was wondering about the pros and cons about having pigs. Also, is there any difference between raising from piglets and raising from adults? And which breeds would be the best for pet purposes? Thank you in advance! :)

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I would go with a piglet and barrow. (Barrow, male pig castrated before puberty)

I've never had a mean one. (but keep in mind any critter of any size can hurt you, given a mind to.) The only pig, I have ever had to turn on me was a sow. (an adult female) She didn't have little ones at the time but out of the blue she grabbed me by my ankle. A two by four to her head and she went on to the field. Then she went to the freezer a few days later.

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Pros -

1. compared to other farm stock, you get more pigs per birth and they are among the fastest to slaughter weight.
2. If you are small scale, you can displace a lot of purchased feed with kitchen scraps/garden wastes/found food bread stores/restaurants/groceries etc
3. friendly pigs are a joy to be around, and will make you laugh
4. bacon
5. ham
6. tenderloin
7. bacon again
8. as long as you have a pully or loader, it is fairly easy to home butcher a 200 - 350 lb pig and it will fit in your chest freezer
9. can be pen raised in a small space or pasture raised to help offset feed costs

Cons -

1. they smell bad if you don't give them a large area or a lot of carbonaceous material to soak up urine & manure.
2. They will eat you if given the chance and are not properly trained.
3. if the neighbors want to make trouble for you and the law is not on your side, pigs are probably the worst animal to have

I'm not creative enough today. I'll let others add to this list
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