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Piggie Odor

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Hi all. I have a question. My house pig, Hamlet, loves to be out of his pen, running around with my dog and cats. The only thing is, when he is out, he emits an odor that is not very pleasant. Does anyone know why he emits this odor when he is out of his pen? I thought that maybe he is just excited to be out - happy excited, not sexually. He is an intact male and I have heard that males will do this (someone compared the smell to dirty gym socks). Will castrating him help?
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My wife has one, she had him castrated when he was still pretty small. I have never experienced what you are talking about Dog breed Carnivore Fawn Grass Terrestrial animal


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His name is Oliver and I think he is around a year and a half, he comes before me in my wife's world
She had him cut so I'm not sure if he is into girls, more less just my wife's favorite companion! What's funny is he thinks he wants to get in with my feeders and give em hell.
Here is Hamlet, my house pig and companion.

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He is nice looking.

Does he like to be brushed with stiff bristled pet brush?
I haven't tried a brush but he just loves it when I scratch him. He will flop down on his side and close his eyes.
Sounds like he would like one of those soft wire bristled cat/dog brushes good for the animals with longer hair.
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