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Piglet behavior questions!

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I've had my mini piglet, Lucy, for 3 days. She is 15 days old and I am bottle feeding her. She is a very sweet, playful, and cuddly piglet--the complete opposite of my other mini. Most of the time it's cute but she has started wanting to be held and be the center of attention ALL the time. And if not, she'll scream until she gets her way. Like earlier today I went to put her back in her bin and under her heat lamp because she was shivering and she literally screamed for 45 minutes straight and kept thumping against the bin trying to get out. I kept going back and forth between feeling irritated and feeling guilty. I don't want her to feel ignored, but I also don't want her to think that she can scream and throw fits to get her way. I finally left the room until she calmed down. She also gets bratty even if she is on my lap or my bed and I am doing something else. This morning I had my phone out and she kept trying to push it out of my hands. She also takes the tv remote and pushes that off the bed.
I need advice before I do anything to accidentally make it worse!
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She has also started this thing where she will randomly run up to my face and start squealing, barking, and nipping. Is she playing or is it a tantrum over something? Or is she hungry? I've been feeding her every 3-4 hours.
Ok, I'm leaning more towards tantrum now because I just picked up the iPad and stopped petting her and she's back up by my face. But she has done this randomly even when already is being paid attention to.
My sweet Lucy girl died last night...she was doing great, eating well, active, etc. But she got scours and went downhill fast... She took her last breath in my arms.... :(
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