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Piglets a normal size?

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Hello, I started raising my own hogs last year when I got two that had no mother. This year I bought a bred sow off some dishonest hutterites and she had 15 little ones. After they got colostrum she ran out of milk and did not produce more. They we're born on June 18th and from probably June 22 or so on they we're fed Big Momma F Milk Replacer.

They're now switched to dry feed for a couple weeks and are eating crushed barley. They are landrace yorkshire cross and I'm wondering if they are an appropriate weight and size for their age?
Also what I should be feeding them to get them butcher ready for maybe mid November?

They have access to water and feed 24/7 and are also aloud out into the grass and dirt to forage and what not, actually had to hook up electric fence as they learned to dig a little too well (haha)

Look forward to hearing from you guys/girls!

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People sure have been helpful here.
That's what I'm thinking!! All the topics I look at are just the original one and maby 1 reply!!
Yeah I know, this isn't my first posting here either and no one ever replies. Which is annoying considering most people wanna help youth that are getting int o farming and stuff instead of drugs and that ****.

Oh well. What can one say?
I don't have any pigs yets, but I did read this interesting article on growing piglets out: http://sugarmtnfarm.com/2014/03/30/keeping-a-pig-for-meat/

I'm hoping the forum gets more active by the time I get pigs in a few months because I know next to nothing. Lol.
These pigs look normal size for their age. I will normally feed smaller pigs the Coop 505 pig starter until they're approx 100 lbs or so. After that, they will usually go on the 517 grower from Coop. They should be ready for butchering by end of November first of December if you are giving them all they can eat...which would be wise. You do want them to put on the weight as quick as possible. You should also try them on corn, as it is less expensive than the feed. Anything they will eat is fine except potatoes. I have heard those are not good for any animal. They love pea's, hay, green grass, etc...
They've been on a specialized pig feed. I'm wondering if I can give them some oat/barley silage too?
Oh yes I know that they will eat it. Anything fresh and green makes them quite happy.
Gave them some fresh stuff tonight and they didn't even glance at the dry stuff haha
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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