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My husband and I have been expecting a litter of piglets and sure enough found three around 11am today with their mother. The sow was showing no signs of labor at this point so we call on our vet to come check on her just to be certain as we thought that was an awful small litter (this was her second farrowing and she farrowed 8 the first time). Vet gave her an all clear, no obstructions, and didn't see a need for oxytocin but just as he was loading up to leave we heard a squeal in the woods. Mind you it was nearly 4pm at this point and we had been with her the entire time. We combed the woods and found 4 more piglets alive and active and two that had died. Two of them still seem weak and I have yet to see all 7 feeding at one time. Any suggestions. The sow is not aggressive but prefers that I leave her and her piglets alone so I feel like there's not much I can do. I did drop a heat lamp in her shelter just in case they stray from her side again but I'm just concerned about two in particular. Praying they make it through the night.
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