Pot Bellied Pigs - Good for eating?

Discussion in 'Genetics and Breeds' started by Tedski, Sep 23, 2013.

  1. Tedski

    Tedski New Member

    I'm thinking about breeding Vietnamese Pot Bellied pigs, but I would be taking a considerable risk moving to a new breed without having any place to sell them yet.

    Worst case I'm guessing I can eat them, but I want to make sure they are good eating before I do that. Has anyone tried them?
  2. CesumPec

    CesumPec New Member

    From what I have heard, outside the pet market, which is now fairly well kaput for PBP, there is virtually no meat market. I'm sure they can be eaten, but all the cuts will be small and inferior to a more normal meat pig.

    What makes you want to try them? Full size feeder pigs are pretty easy keepers, are good eating, you have the option of selling them at market.

  3. RBeltran

    RBeltran New Member

    I personally would't risk it. The market isn't there. Do you have a breeder lined up already?