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Sow feed

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I have two sows that I have bred twice so far and I have them on bulk feed because it is cheapest.
I get 1000lbs of ground corn
Mix it with:
1 50 lb bag cargill milk plus pellets 28% protein
4 bags soybean meal 44% protein

Is this feed adequate for them to produce babies and also milk for the babies off of?

The babies seem ok but I think they may not be getting enough nutrition from the milk because they have diarrhea and seem to be a bit skinny. But they are not lethargic or sick acting (besides the diarrhea)

The sow has 14 teets and 13 babies. She had 13 total and all 13 survived so far. They are a week old tomorrow. Any info on making the food for the sow a better ration would be appreciated or any comments on helping the diarrhea.

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