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Starting Back to School

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Anyone have kids starting school?

My daughter just entered kindergarten and is finishing up her first week. She loves it!
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Yep. only my daughter is 13 years ahead of yours. She just moved away to college. I liked her starting kindergarten better.
Dis she go onto a school bus, or did you drive her?
Yep. only my daughter is 13 years ahead of yours. She just moved away to college. I liked her starting kindergarten better.
Which school is she going to? Congrats to her!
Miami (Ohio). A mid sized school in a small town. As my wife and I are alumni, we were happy with her choice.
What is she studying? Did you meet your wife there?
International Business. My choice was engineering, but father's don't get to choose these sorts of things. Yes, wife and I met there.
She might and that's one of the reasons I don't let it bother me. If she ends up sticking with it, it will be because she thinks it best for her and that's good enough for me. I don't suppose your daughter has picked a major yet? Or is she one of those slacker kindergartners? ;)
She's good at listening, so I think maybe she'll major in that.

She got a lump on her forehead when she was playing during recess. She's been complaining about it non stop, just like her daddy!
She was playing and hit her head on a bench. Things happen, she's a kid.
Good attitude.

When my wee lass was in 3rd grade she was running, tripped, hit her head on playground equipment and her ear bled a gusher. The school thought we were going to sue and they were terrified. She was just being a kid, no reason to get upset, no stitches needed, so no prob in our book.

The time she was injured by an occasionally violent mentally handicapped boy who was twice her size, that time I was a bit more upset. We were happy when they could give us a plan that should prevent that child from hurting anyone else.
I get that too to be honest. Unless the injury results from direct negligence, I'm OK with it.

My wife is over bearing, I let my kids get hurt. My son who's 14 months took a nasty fall the other day. No crying, just got up and looked at me with surprise. A minute later my wife walked into the room and he started wailing. He just needed some Mom based attention.
How's the school year for the kids so far?
It seems my introverted daughter is blossoming at college. She is making friends, joining clubs, going to swing/waltz/cha cha dances (she only saw her mom and I doing that years ago, never tried it herself before), practicing with the club swim team. Her two roommates are proving to be a bit difficult, but it has so far been a wonderful learning experience on how to assert your needs and desires and stand up to pushy folks. I am quite pleased.

Anyone else?
I hated room mates. I feel her on that one. They always did things contrary to common sense.

I'm glad she's getting out there!
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